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I love taking your memories



Some people are born lucky, I was born with a camera. I always had an instinct for photography and it has always been my life.


I grew up with photography, and I still live from it

As a 12 year old child in Vinci, where I was born, I used to have fun snapping photos with my father’s camera, even just to hear the sound it made.

When I was 13 it slowly started to become clear that photography would be my path in life. I chose to study graphic arts and advertising with a major in photography, where I learned the technical skills as well as the history of great photographers.

After graduating, I began working as an apprentice for a well-known wedding photographer, studying and assimilating the art and magic of telling the story of a wedding.

At the end of this experience I knew it was time to follow my dream: to become a photojournalist.

I began by shooting scenes of daily life; what fascinated me was the spontaneity of simple gestures and the way my surroundings captivated my attention and drew me in, making me feel that they were part of me.

I gathered my courage and applied for a job at the daily newspaper La Nazione di Firenze. This is where my career as a photojournalist officially began. But on weekends I continued working as a wedding photographer.

Afterwards, I worked for the photojournalist agency Massimo Sestini that provides photographic services for the newspaper Corriere della Sera di Firenze.

During this period, the agency assigned me to be the official photographer of the Fiorentina Calcio soccer club in Moena, in 2014 and 2015.

Over time I began to feel the need for change. I was evolving and the stringent rules of newspaper journalism where constraining. I wanted to be able to express myself better, to be free to interpret what I saw. This led me back to the path I had never abandoned, wedding photography.

So here I am, working as a wedding photographer since 2011.

Being able to tell the story of two people on the most beautiful day of their lives is an honor and also a great responsibility.

Over the years as a photographer, I have learned that what really motivates my work is the need to express myself through the emotions of those who surround me.

For me, to shoot a wedding is to be immersed in a bundle of stimuli, where emotions and unique moments dominate the event. It is also the opportunity to connect with the couple and their families.

My photographic style uses a narrative technique and a reflects my experience as a photojournalist. It tells a story that is made up of the most important moments of your special day, filled with expressions, details, tears, smiles and embraces.

When I no longer have something to say, I will stop being a photographer. But until that moment, my photography will express what I have inside me and will be a gift I can give to others.

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