Wedding on the beautiful Island of Elba

Wedding photo shoot on Monte Capanne on the island of Elba

Lisa and Arielle decided to get married in a wonderful Elba island.
The wedding was amazing and a Magazine call “Elba per 2” decided to publish the magic day of Lisa and Arielle.

Lisa and Arielle got dress near to Portoferraio.
The cerimonia was celebrated at the Santo Stefano Church on the top of the hills.
In the end of the cerimonia the guess found an Ape Piaggio who was caring ice-cream.

We went in Marciana Marina where you can find the most higher mountain of Elba island, call Monte Capanne (1019 meters)
We decide to take a cableway to get in top of the mountain.
The view is something that everyone should see it.
A beautiful route, the way wasn’t so easy to walk but Lisa is a bride out of ordinary and made it until the top.
The photoshoot was amazing and charming, the weather gave us the best light to take a really touching pictures.
After that, we went back at the party at the Desirè hotel in Marciana Marina.
Lisa and Ariele with their friends jump in to the sea before dinner time.
The day dreamer ended with a romantic walk on the beach at the sunset time.